About ENS

ENS is committed to provide clean air for everyone. Air is a primary requirement, so let’s make sure that the air we breathe is safe and healthy.

ENS Clean Air

ENS (Environmental Nano Solutions) Clean Air, founded in 2009 by Lia van de Vorle-Houben, is a Dutch family business that specializes in the capture and elimination of particulate matter. ENS Clean Air aims to make clean air accessible to everyone and seeks to create awareness about the problem of particulate matter in the air.

Lia: “Breathing is taken for granted, but it is often forgotten that the air we breathe is usually polluted. This has a huge impact on our health. It is important that people are aware of the dangers that are literally floating in the air. Not only for ourselves, but also for our children, grandchildren and future generations. Polluted air is no longer just a problem in, say, China. It also has a major impact on European public health.”

ENS Clean Air has developed an unmatched expertise in the field of air quality and is able to offer customized solutions. A team of professionals, including four of Lia’s daughters, work every day to achieve clean air. This involves collaboration with various partners, such as municipalities, air quality measurement institutes, research institutions and private companies.

ENS Clean Air as a family business

10 years ago Lia set up ENS Clean Air with the intent that her daughters Margreet, Renée, Dominique, Quirine and Esmée would form a core team within the company. In recent years four of the five daughters have one by one joined the company. Two generations now work at ENS, but mother and daughters hope that the next generation will also want to join the company.

Origin of ENS Clean Air

In 2007 a large group of people were discovered to have been infected by the MRSA bacteria. Because people wanted to prevent more infections, the question arose how to prevent further spread of the bacteria. The answer was clean air. Lia: “The MRSA bacteria spreads mostly through dust. Germs attach themselves to this dust. By removing the dust particles from the air, you also remove the germs.”

At ENS Clean Air, everyone shares the same passion: to make the world healthier for all.

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