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About ENS

ENS aims to increase awareness about air pollution and to make clean air available to everyone. Air is everywhere, so let’s make sure the air we breathe is safe and healthy.

ENS Clean Air

ENS (Environmental Nano Solutions) Clean Air, founded in 2008 by Lia van de Vorle-Houben, is a family owned company based in the Netherlands that specializes in capturing and eliminating particulate matter. ENS aims to increase awareness about air pollution and to make clean air available to everyone.

Lia: “People take it for granted that we breathe, but it is generally forgotten that the air we breathe is often polluted. That has a huge impact on our health. It is important that people are aware of the dangers that literally hang in the air. Not only for ourselves, but also for our children, grandchildren and future generations. Moreover, polluted air is no longer just a problem in China, for example. It also has a major impact on public health in Europe”.

ENS has evolved into an expert in the field of air quality and is able to offer customer-specific solutions. A team of professionals, including the five daughters of Lia, works on the realization of clean air on a daily basis. ENS collaborates with different partners, such as local councils, air quality monitoring institutes, research institutes and private companies.

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The origin

In 2007, many people were infected with the MRSA bacteria. To prevent more infections, the question arose how to prevent further spreading of the bacteria. The answer was clean air. Lia: “The MRSA bacteria spreads, among others, through airborne dust. Germs attach to this. By removing dust particles from the air, you also remove the germs. This creates a better environment for people and animals”.

Lia came into contact with a group of scientists who had developed a particle collector in their laboratory. With this particle collector, it was possible to remove fine particles from the air and transform them into coarse dust, eliminating the human health hazard. ENS has further developed this innovative technology, making it possible to apply it on a large scale.

This resulted in various patents and some standard products for purifying air. Our products can be applied in many ways within various sectors:

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