The air purifcation technology of ENS Clean Air can be applied in various sectors. In addition to the Aufero, our standard product, we also offer customized solutions.

Customized solutions

ENS Clean Air specializes in energy-efficient purification of large volumes of air at high air speeds. The patented technology can be used both indoors and outdoors on a small, medium and large scale. The technology is often used to improve air quality in urban areas and public areas, around infrastructural facilities, in industrial work environments and at emission points, and in horticulture and livestock farming.

Research & Development

Not every dust problem can be solved with a standard solution. Our Research & Development team is happy to provide you with personal advice. Thanks to our years of experience in developing clean air applications and our wide patent portfolio, we are able to provide a solution for every dust problem. We can assist you with the development of a customized solution or license agreements to answer your company’s specific needs or sector’s requirements.


Our clean air solution can be applied in various ways and in different sectors. We are happy to give you an impression of the application possibilities.