10 years of ENS

A team on the path towards clean air

Exactly 10 years ago, Lia van de Vorle founded the company ENS, where she – together with her daughters and a team of professionals – shows a daily commitment to make clean air accessible for everyone! Over the past 10 years, ENS has developed into an expert in the field of air quality and the elimination of particulate matter.

ENS as family business

10 years ago Lia set up ENS with the intent that her daughters Margreet Renée, Dominique, Quirine and Esmée would also work at the company. In recent years, four of the five daughters have one by one joined the company. Only Quirine did not join ENS, she found her passion in cooking. But also for daughters Margreet Renée, Dominique and Esmée it was not always a given that they would work for ENS. Dominique, for example, found her passion in event management during her studies and Renée wanted to become a public prosecutor. After high school, all daughters first wanted to discover what they wanted to do themselves, but according to Esmée you will eventually be taken along in the passion and ambition of the company.

Two generations now work at ENS, but mother and daughters also hope that the next generation wants to join the company. According to Margreet the driving force, the unbridled commitment and the “faith” in the company are most strongly supported by the family itself. It is a feeling that you cannot describe; it has become a part of your own identity, so that you commit for the full 100%.

It is not only family members who work at ENS, however. The ladies are supported by a team of professionals. In recent years, ENS has grown with an exceptionally well-functioning team, says Lia. But what is it like for the team to work for a family business? According to Joop, ENS is not just any family business, as it is a family business that is run by women. For him, this family business provides much more connection. After all, it is more than a company, you also connect to the family on a personal level. According to Roel, an important difference between working for a family company and any other company is the direct involvement and the short lines. The family is the company and everything that happens in the company has an impact on the family. This puts quality above quantity and content above exposure, which are important conditions for Roel to get satisfaction out of the work.

The ambition for the future

Lia’s ambition for the next 10 years is to produce as much cleaner air as possible around the world, but especially where it is most needed. According to Esmée, the ambitions for the next 10 years are grand. Especially in the international field, because the problem there is also the biggest. ENS’s ambitions lie in particular in expanding good, stable and reliable international and local relationships. Only through partnerships with stable partners is ENS able to fulfill their mission: making clean air possible for everyone! Rob agrees that, based on the ideal “clean air for everyone” in 10 years’ time, nobody will have to worry about particulate matter (and air quality in general) and that ENS is “out of business”. Guido also hopes that ENS will become superfluous in 10 years and that everyone can enjoy their old age in a climate-neutral way!

At ENS, everyone shares the same passion: to make the world healthier for humans and animals. But what is the top tip for running a family business? Always keep talking and use each other’s strengths, says Dominique. Together you can achieve something beautiful if you combine forces. Renée indicates that you should always keep talking to each other, both in business and in private. Don’t forget that the family bond is strong, Margreet adds. Challenge each other and get the best out of each other to go forwards. You stand stronger by standing together!


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