Polluting stations in Paris are being tackled

Air purification in underground metro station

From the beginning of June, pilot projects were launched in a number of train and metro stations in the Ile-De-France region of Paris, in which innovative solutions are being tested with the aim of improving air quality in these stations. These experiments are part of the “L’appel à projet, Innovons pour l’air de nos stations” project (Call for projects, Innovate for the air of our stations).

Innovative solution brings clean air for travelers

“We have a real problem with air quality, and we wanted to support projects that could be duplicated,” says Jean-Philippe Dugoin Clément, responsible for sustainable development in the region. The final results of the project will be presented in December 2019.

Air quality on public transport stations

In underground railway facilities, such as metro and train stations, the air is considerably more polluted with fine dust than above-ground. Regular exposure to high particulate matter concentrations are a serious health risk. Particulate particles are inhaled and can penetrate far into the body, resulting in lung diseases and cardiovascular diseases. During the preliminary investigation, air pollution levels in the metro stations were measured up to 30 times higher than in the streets of Paris.


For this project, participants Suez and Air Liquide have chosen the air purification technology of ENS Clean Air. The systems are placed at the platforms of stations Avenue -Foch and Alexandre Dumas in Paris. The systems will purify the underground air until September. In the start-up phase of this project, both organizations investigated different air purification techniques in which the particulate matter elimination technique from ENS was selected and applied. The investigation is now in its final phase, where these new technologies are being tested in the station.

Effect studies