On the way towards a dustless railway

ENS Clean Air and ProRail work together for a healthier (working) environment

Dustless Railway

A lot of dust is released during work on the railway. ProRail (Dutch railway manager) wants to create a healthier (working) environment within the rail sector. In recent years, all kinds of measures have been introduced to limit the risk of exposure to dust. However, ProRail wants to do even more to guarantee the health of their rail workers. As a result, ProRail has been looking for innovative solutions that can further reduce the inhalable and respirable dust.

ENS Clean Air as an innovation partner

ENS Clean Air has been selected by ProRail as an innovation partner to realize a solution for a cleaner (working) environment around the railways. In the coming period, we will continue to research, develop and test possibilities for the use of our technology for a dust-free railway.

To be continued..

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