Interparking installs air purification systems

New air-purifying lungs in France

In 2019, Interparking and ENS decided to join forces to combat particulate matter. This collaboration has led to the cleaning of air in parking garages in addition to Belgium, now also in France.


La Coupole in Nimes had the honor of being the first garage in France to purify the air. Sulzer in Nice followed soon after this, and next in line were Gray d’Albion in Cannes and Marché in Fontaineblue. Last month, these four garages were presented to the public as “un poumon dans la ville” (a lung in the city) by Roland Cracco the CEO of Interparking.

Parkings as lung in the city

Good air quality is important for the quality of life in a city, but in many cities the air quality is poor and this has an important impact on our health. Lungs of the City is a concept by ENS that aims to improve the quality of life in cities by cleaning the city air. Parking garages can make a major contribution to this. Due to its central location, parking garages can be used as a means of creating cleaner air in cities. This will give the parking garage an additional function as an air-purifying lung in the city.


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