Welcome SkyCleaner!

A new Lungs of the City solution

After a year of hard work we can finally introduce you to the SkyCleaner – the first outdoor advertising (OOH) with the ENS air purifying technology. This new lung of the city was symbolically placed on World Environment Day at the beginning of the Knez Mihailova Street in Belgrade.

Serbian product

Due to the increasing air pollution in Serbia – Serbian company BlueWoods – started looking for a new solution. After market research the company decided to combine air purification with advertising.

“We decided to find good purification technology, and to put it in our specially designed advertising totem. While looking for a company specialized in air quality, we came across ENS Clean Air. We decided to work with them, because they have a lot of experience and results, and is just like our company a family business”. – Aleksandra Janković, CEO at BlueWoods.

SkyCleaner is a project of BlueWoods in collaboration with industrial designer and professor Marko Luković, LED screen company Elsat, and manufacturer Promaschinen.

Clean air for Belgrade residents

SkyCleaner was gifted by the company Mozzart to the city of Belgrade. Now citizens of Belgrade can experience clean air in public. Mozzart and the city of Belgrade recognize the importance of this innovative technology, both for air quality and for supporting our innovators. This is the start of fresher air for the citizens in Belgrade. “The SkyCleaner will purify the air in one of the busiest locations in the city, which is surrounded by major roads, and will continuously send messages that raise the environmental awareness of our fellow citizens and remind us that environmental protection starts with ourselves” noted Borjan Popović, director of corporate communications at Mozzart.

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