Consultancy & Expertise

Driven by knowledge and rich in experience. The ENS team consists of a multidisciplinary mix of engineers, technicians and academics. We offer solutions, insight, and advice with an efficient and practical working method.

Air purification

Over the years, ENS Clean Air has specialized in cleaning the air at a wide variety of locations, including industrial production environments, stable buildings and parking garages. Through many demonstration and pilot projects, a lot of experience and expertise has been formed, with a special focus on air flows and particulate matter. Where necessary, the assistance from independent knowledge institutes is called in, with which long-term partnerships have been forged that lead to high-quality knowledge.

Effect research

Particulate matter is a collective term for very small, suspended solid or liquid particles. Experience has shown that each location has its own characteristic mix of particles. In order to tackle air pollution, every location therefore needs its own strategy.

With an effect research, the extent to which improvement of air quality can be achieved is estimated in advance, based on experience and calculations, whereby local environmental factors, and above all, the predetermined ambition are decisive for the result to be achieved.

With more extensive research, supported by 3D airflow simulations and particulate matter measurements, an optimization is possible that shows a very accurate image of the ideal placement of air purification installations. The effect on the environment can also be made transparent, for example in an urban area.

As a final step, we offer the possibility to carry out effect measurements after installation of the air purification systems. These measurements can serve to validate a simulation or show the difference with measurements taken before the application of the ENS technology.


ENS Clean Air offers several possibilities for measurements of particulate matter, both in indoor and outdoor environments. We use state of the art equipment for high-quality and reliable (real-time) measurements of particulate matter and meteorological conditions

Measurements can be carried out for short and long periods, to indicate a problem situation and to measure the effect of the air quality improvement. It is also possible to map the air quality in an area with a grid measurement.

The R&D team of ENS consists of experienced scientists and technicians with a great deal of experience in this field, with a measurement protocol always being drawn up and submitted in advance. During an ongoing measurements, events that affect the measurements will be logged closely. After data analysis, together with you, we ensure clear and accurate reporting of the results, tailored to the intended purpose.

Research & Development

If you have a specific question for which we do not have a standard solution yet, we are also happy to help you. Together with our experienced R&D team we can help you develop a solution within a defined product development process. From concept to laboratory setup, and from prototype to market finished product.