Project Description

Cold milling machine

Clean streets, clean air, even during road works. A jointly developed innovation that prevents the emission of particulate matter during the milling of asphalt, in order to protect the employees and immediate surroundings.

Cold milling machine

BOMAG has been a worldwide expert in the field of road construction and compaction technology for over 50 years, developing machines that are used in the construction and renovation of roads. BOMAG is continuously developing its products, at which quality, ease of maintenance and environmental awareness play an important role. That is why they are constantly looking for opportunities to achieve these goals.

A healthier working and living environment

When milling asphalt and eliminating the material that is released during this process, a lot of particulate matter is produced. This is unhealthy for both the employees who operate the cold milling machines on a daily basis and the immediate surroundings. BOMAG wanted to change this and searched for a company that could offer a solution. An important requirement for the elimination of particulate matter was that no physical filters could be used. These filters clog too quickly because of the water that is used during the milling process and the large amount of particulate matter that is released. The solution was found in collaboration with ENS Clean Air.

A solution based on positive ionization

In collaboration with the engineers from BOMAG, the ENS Research & Development department has developed a customer-specific application. This solution is based on positive ionization, integrating the proprietary ENS technology into a cold milling machine. The IGF (Institut for Gefahrstoff-Forschung van de Ruhr-Universität in Bochum) has determined that with this solution, more than 80% of the particulate matter that is released during the milling process is captured. It’s an innovative application with a great result, which significantly improves working conditions and air quality in the immediate surroundings.

Project details

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