Courtyards & Playgrounds

We have integrated various air treatment solutions to create breathing spaces for fun and recreation in public areas.

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It’s a great societal challenge to keep the air quality in and around cities manageable. And it’s not just the traffic to blame. Burning coal and wood for heating and cooking, agriculture, as well as industry all play a role in causing bad urban air quality.

In places where people are learning, playing or spending their free time, it is important to be surrounded by clean air. Our solutions can be integrated in exsisting infrastructure and applied to create clean air zones. Good for the residents. But especially for the children.


checkmarkCreating clean breathing spaces for city residents, visitors and vulnerable groups
checkmarkHealthy and safe playing for children
checkmarkAttractivity for tourists and visitors
checkmarkRaise awareness for clean air

Co-creating clean air

Together with Suez and Fermentalg we developed a unique solution for playgrounds and courtyards, which combines multiple air purifying technologies with the carbon capturing potential of microalgae. By capturing fine particles and nitrogen dioxide  a clean air bubble is created. The micro-algae absorb the captured pollution and creates oxygen and forms a residual biomass, which can then be used for green energy production.

Our air purification technology can be integrated in various ways for courtyards and playgrounds

  • Smog Free Tower

    A powerful statement that raises awareness and provides a solution for better outdoor air quality. The heart of the Smog Free Tower is formed by three of our systems.

  • Suez

    An innovative solution for schoolyards to improve playground air, allowing children to play healthily. Besides, it also to helps school children be more aware of environmental concerns.

  • American Embassy School

    By purifying the air in the courtyard of a high school, students and staff are exposed to significantly lower particulate matter concentrations during lessons, breaks, and while changing classrooms.

The right solution for every space

Our team of airflow specialist and engineers will advise and guide you in localizing, planning and implementing the optimal application in your property.



Observation and evaluation of the space and climate, local pollution sources and background concentrations and airflow movements.



Determination of the required cleaning capacity and of the expected puryfying performance at strategic locations to achieve optimal results.



Recommendation and visualization for integration or placement of air purification solution.



Engineering and installation of the clean air solutions in a short time frame.

Effect studies