Project Description


A temporary pavilion equipped with Dutch innovations in the field of sustainability and environment, which was developed commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands.


The Ecodome is a temporary pavilion that was developed commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. The pavilion features Dutch innovations in the fields of environment. In May 2016, the Ecodome served as a location for the Informal Agricultural Council, where Martijn van Dam, who was Secretary of State for Economic Affairs at the time, received all the EU Agriculture Ministers.

An oasis of clean air

The Ecodome offers the visitor the experience of an oasis in the middle of the city. An oasis filled with clean air, thanks to the presence of air purifying plants and technologies. ENS Clean Air has played an important role in achieving good air quality in the Ecodome. An innovative air purification system, which was installed under the stage in the heart of the pavilion, cleans the air with a capacity of 10,000 m3/h by capturing particulate matter. This ensures the pavilion is continuously provided with clean air, which contributes to a healthy indoor climate.

Sustainable innovations from the Netherlands

The Ecodome is a sustainable innovation from the Netherlands. For that reason, sustainable measures are the basis of this unique project. The steel frame of the imposing dame is formed by moss-covered ‘leaves’ that hold rainwater for a long time and capture particulate matter from the air. Various (wild) flowers, fruit trees and (organic) flower bulbs adorn both the interior of the pavilion and the garden around it. But not only the design is special. It is the combination of components in particular that make the Ecodome unique. This allows visitors to see and experience how sustainability is integral to lifestyle and a healthy living environment.

The Ecodome was located next to the Maritime Museum in Amsterdam for a few weeks. Meanwhile, the pavilion is on tour on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs under the motto: ‘the Netherlands as a sustainable delta’. Among others, the pavilion could be visited during the Philadelphia Flower Show and in the Botanic Garden Bogor (Jakarta) in Indonesia.

Project details

Ministerie van Economische Zaken
NL Greenlabel

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