Project Description

Nefit Industrial

Capturing particulate matter and quartz during the production process of cast iron products, in order to meet the legal limits for hazardous substances and to create a healthier working environment for the employees.

Nefit Industrial

Nefit Industrial is an industrial supplier of serial iron castings in white, malleable cast iron. During the production process of the cast iron products, particulate matter and quartz are released. For many years, the emission of both fine dust and quartz did not meet the legal limits at several locations in the factory. The company had already taken various measures, but the stated goals were still not met. Nefit Industrial had the ambition to create a healthier working environment for their employees. They then contacted ENS to realize a solution together to clean the air in the factory.

Phase 1: Test installation with one clean air unit

A test installation was placed in the factory of Nefit Industrial. This test installation was measured on location by research agency Tauw. In order to determine the effectiveness of the ENS air purification system, both the ingoing and outgoing air were measured. In addition, a static and personal measurement were performed at the conveyor belt. The measurements showed that the use of the ENS clean air technology proved to be effective in the metal industry. A large amount of particulate matter and quartz was collected. Based on these results, Nefit Industrial decided to equip the entire factory with ENS air purification systems, in order to create a clean and healthy work environment.

Phase 2: Installation of 5 additional clean air units

In order to determine the amount and location of the air purification systems needed to achieve the desired result, 3D airflow simulations (CFD) were carried out in collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology. The simulations showed that with the installation of 5 additional air purification systems, the legal limits of particulate matter and quartz could be met. After the 6 air purification systems were installed and in use, the situation at the factory was reassessed by research agency Tauw. It was found that the intended goals, creating a clean and healthy working environment and meeting the legal limits, were achieved.

Project details

Nefit Industrial