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Project Description

Parking garages Weert

Air purification in six parking garages that will reduce the particulate matter concentration in the municipality of Weert.

Parking garages Weert

As the first municipality in Limburg, the southernmost province of the Netherlands, the municipality of Weert started actively improving the air quality in the city center. The municipality Weert has installed a total of 12 Aufero’s in their inner city car parking garages, which will improve the air quality in the garages and their immediate surroundings.

Weert is located in a region with many industries and is surrounded by intensive agriculture and animal husbandry. Weert also has to deal with urban traffic and the associated emissions of air pollutants. These factors ensure a high particulate matter concentration in the municipality. The EU limit values ​​for particulate matter have not yet been exceeded in Weert, but they can be described as high. The ambition of the municipality of Weert is to reduce the concentration of air pollution in the city center than these statutory limit values. Placing our Auferos contributes to this ambition.

Parking garages

Parking garages are a source of fine dust. Traffic movements (acceleration and braking) in parking garages mainly lead to an increased concentration of air pollution. Also exhaust fumes from cars, especially diesels, pollute the air in parking garages and that dirty air is blown out.

Pilot Walburggarage

In 2017, the first two Aufero air purification systems were installed in the Walburg garage, in which an research program was also started to determine the cleaning potential. This effect study, in collaboration with Technical University Eindhoven, showed that the particulate matter concentration was reduced by 50-55 procent on average. Due to the significant effect of the Auferos on the air quality in and around the Walburg garage, the municipality of Weert has decided to install several air purification systems in different parking garages. Alderman Wendy van Eijk: “The results of this pilot led to the decision to supply all garages in the city center with these air purification systems. These ‘lungs of the city’ make a positive contribution to the quality of the life in the city center of Weert. “In addition, 12 Auferos have been distributed over five parking garages in Weert (in addition to the Walburg garage), namely: Poort van Limburg garage, the Centrum garage, the Station garage, the Ursulin garage and the Munt garage.

Project details

Gemeente Weert


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