We have implemented solutions for air purification systems in many parking garages worldwide.

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Multiple ENS systems are implemented in both existing and new parkings. With the expertise of our team and thorough pre-assessement of different configuration possibilities, we are able to reduce the fine dust concentrations inside the parking with at least 50%, contributing to cleaner exhaust air as well. Together we can reach the WHO-standards for ambient air quality.


checkmarkRemove fine particles from your parking air
checkmarkHealthier air for employees, visitors and local residents
checkmarkContributes to achieve sustainability goals
checkmarkSmart integration and swift installation

Added value

Achieving or maintaining a high quality of life in cities is a major societal challenge. Parking garages are often located in densely built city centers with high traffic intensity, where many people spend time. Due to its central location, a parking garage with the ENS technology can be effectively used to create clean air zones in cities to reduce exposure to particulate matter. When applied at multiple locations in a city, research has shown that even a cumulative city-wide cleaning effect can be achieved as part of the Lungs of the City approach. Good for the city, and good for business responsibility.

Our air purification systems are installed in car parks worldwide

  • Interparking

    As first private parking facility, Interparking decided to equip their parking garages with our air purification systems in order to create a healthier environment for employees, visitors and local residents.

  • Municipality of Weert

    The municipality of Weert started actively improving the air quality in the city center by installing air purification in all their parking garages across the center.

  • Parking Steendok Antwerp

    In close consultation with the municipality of Antwerp, Q-park and local residents, it was decided to clean the air in the Steendok parking by installing the ENS technology.

The right solution for every space

Our team of airflow specialist and engineers will advise and guide you in localizing, planning and implementing the optimal application in your property.



Observation and evaluation of building geometry, parking layout, existing ventilation characteristics and assessment of traffic intensity.



Determination of the required cleaning capacity and of the expected purifying performance at strategic locations to achieve optimal results.



Recommendation and visualization for placement of air purification systems without occupying existing parking spaces, potential revenue can still be guaranteed.



Installation of the air purification systems in a new or existing parking garage in a time frame of one to a few days, depending on the size of the parking.

Effect studies