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Smog Free Tower

Part of the Smog Free Project: a powerful statement that creates awareness for the worldwide particulate matter problem and offers a solution for this critical public health issue.

Smog Free Tower

In collaboration with Studio Roosegaarde, ENS Clean Air shared their technology and experience for the design of the first Smog Free Tower in the world. The 7 meter high tower cleans 30.000 m3 of polluted air per hour, using no more electricity than a water boiler. The tower uses ENS’s patented positive ionization technology to capture fine dust and transform it into coarse dust. On September 4th, 2015, the Smog Free Project launched in Rotterdam and the first Smog Free Tower was unveiled.

Smog Free Tower on tour

In September 2016, the Smog Free Tower traveled to China for a tour along several Chinese cities. In both Beijing and Tianjin people were able to experience what it is like to breathe clean air. In May 2017, Studio Roosegaarde shared new results about the cleaning effect of the tower. The functioning of the tower was examined by Eindhoven University of Technology, and they confirmed that the tower eliminates up to 70% of the incoming PM10 and 50% of the incoming PM2.5. In 2018, a second Smog Free Tower was realized that, after traveling to Poland in February 2018, is now located at Studio Roosegaarde in Rotterdam.

ENS offers a variety of in- and outdoor solutions

Good air quality is important for public health, but the air is in many cities poor. ENS has a sustainable solution to improve indoor and outdoor air quality. The ENS technology can be integrated in existing smart infrastructural facilities (e.g. atriums, parking garages and public transit stations). By actively removing the air pollution present at polluted hot spots, the air quality in the surrounding area will also improve. This will give existing infrastructure and facilities an additional function as air purifier for the city.

Are you looking for an in- or outdoor clean air solution? Please feel free to contact us.

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