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Air filtration without filters

The proprietary ENS air purification technology efficiently removes particulate matter by means of positive ionization. Air is actively drawn into the system, where positively charged particles move towards a collector plate, where they agglomerate to form large molecular aggregates. Such aggregates no longer have the capacity to become airborne, thus elimination the risk of inhalation. This technology can be used for any air volume and any air speed, maintaining high efficiency and low energy consumption.

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Health impact

Exposure to particulate matter (PM) is very harmful to human health. Of all types of air pollution, PM by far causes the most health damage. The degree of which depends on the size, the chemical composition and on the concentration of the inhaled particles combined with the duration of exposure. The smaller the particles, the deeper they penetrate into the lungs. The smallest particles can even be absorbed into the bloodstream, resulting in negative health effects, which can manifest throughout the whole body. 

Both long-term and short-term exposure to PM are harmful, and there is no lower limit which no health impact occurs. Exposure to PM is directly associated with respiratory and cardiovascular conditions, and increasingly with neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkingson’s diseases. In addition, there are highly sensitive groups that are more vulnerable, such as children, the elderly and people with certain underlying illnesses.

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