ENS Clean Air has developed a sustainable, reliable, and safe solution that eliminates airborne dust, soot and other pollutants from ambient air, without the use of conventional filters.

How does it work?

Our air purification technology works on the basis of positive ionization. The polluted air is sucked into the system. Here the (fine) dust particles are provided with a positive charge. As a result, these particles move towards a negative surface: the collector plate. As soon as the particles touch this plate, they adhere to the surface. The small (fine dust) particles on the plate adhere to each other and change into coarse particles (coarse dust). The clean air then leaves the system.

polluted air
clean air

ultrafine dust

fine dust
(PM10 & PM2.5)

positive ion

ENS Clean Air makes it possible to clean the air within different environments. Our proprietary technology is applicable on a small, medium and large scale, at a constant reduction efficiency of fine and ultrafine dust.

Innovative air purification