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PepsiCo is a major food and beverage company with globally well-known and respected brands. PepsiCo Netherlands is part of the Europe Sub-Saharan Africa division. At PepsiCo’s location in the  Netherlands in Broek op Langedijk, well-known strong brands are processed such as Cheetos, Doritos, Lay’s, Nibbits and Hamkas. PepsiCo Netherlands is in the top 6 of food companies in the Netherlands.

PepsiCo The Netherlands

Flavourings and fragrances are used in the production process of the various snacks. At the end of the production process, the remaining odours and fine dust released on the roof are emitted from two emission points. Because the factory is located within a 50 meter radius next to a residential area, the amount of odour was perceived as problematic by local residents. In this case, the odour load exceeded the set limit values. The success of PepsiCo is strongly based on a profound understanding for its customers, consumers, but certainly also for the various communities. That is why PepsiCo wanted to do everything within their power to eliminate odour nuisance as much as possible and to keep the values within the set limits. In their search for a fitting solution, they came to ENS Clean Air after thorough market research.

During the first visitation in Broek op Langedijk, it immediately became clear that the odour could be perceived from a considerable distance and that it would be a great challenge to reduce the odour to a reasonable level. It was also PepsiCo’s wish to merge both emission points and to alternate the total air outflow. Together with the engineers of PepsiCo and our own people, we have been able to realize a wonderful solution.

After the installation had been completed and the production process was operational again, the new air purification system was measured by an external agency for odour emissions. It was found with great satisfaction that the odour had decreased by more than 70% on average. An excellent result with which PepsiCo remains well within the permitted limit values.

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PepsiCo The Netherlands