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Project Description

Vitelia Voeders

Particulate matter and odor reduction in the production of animal feed for poultry, cattle, and pig farming, in order to comply with environmental legislation with regard to odor and dust emission standards.

Vitelia Voeders

Vitelia Voeders is a premix feed company that produces and sells animal feed for poultry, cattle and pig farming. A growth in production capacity resulted in an increased odor emission from the production plant. In order to continue to comply with environmental legislation, an odor reduction of at least 77% had to be relaxed. In addition, Vitelia was not satisfied with the dust reduction that was achieved with the dedusting installation that they were using at that time. They wanted to reduce their dust emission even further, and thereby also reduce operational costs. Vitelia partnered with ENS Clean Air to tackle both the odor and dust problem.

Reduction of particulate matter and odor emission

In order to achieve the required odor and dust reduction, an air purification system with a large capacity was required. For that reason, ENS installed a Titan at Vitelia. This air purifcation systems cleans up to 30,000 m3 of air per hour. By expanding this system with odor treatment, the odor nuisance is also reduced considerably. This combination of particulate matter elimination followed by odor removal is an excellent match, because it is easier to remove odor when the air is clean and free of particulate matter. Independent measurements performed by Buro Blauw show that an average odor reduction of 78% and an average particulate matter reduction of 80% is achieved.

Project details

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